WP7: High brightness accelerators for light sources


  • Organise workshops on the technology enabling the design and construction of future ultra-low emittance rings
  • Specify and design magnetically and mechanically a longitudinal variable field dipole magnet with transverse gradient, adapted to the ELETTRA storage ring upgrade, for reducing further the horizontal emittance
  • Design of two different C-band (5.712 GHz) RF electron guns operating at very high gradient cathode peak field
  • Build and test, at low and high RF power, two prototypes at different TRL of the X-band (12 GHz) accelerating structure designed for the CompactLight (XLS) project


Task Name Task Leader
7.1 Coordination and communication R. Bartolini (DESY)
7.2 Enabling technologies for ultra-low emittance rings A. Mochihashi (KIT)
7.3 Variable Dipole for the upgrade of the ELETTRA storage ring Y. Papaphilippou (CERN)
7.4 Very high gradient RF Guns operating in the C-band RF technology D. Alesini (INFN)
7.5 CompactLight Prototype Accelerating Structures G. D'Auria (Elettra)