Industrial Advisory Board

Who we are 

The I.FAST Industry Advisory Board (IAB) is composed of representatives of European companies that have been successfully involved in the largest scientific undertakings carried out with particle accelerators and is chaired by a scientist with a large and consolidated experience in the interaction between industry and research institutions.

What we do

In I.FAST there are many R&D activities carried out in collaboration between research groups and companies and the main objective of the IAB is to help the project to make these interactions as effective and fruitful as possible.

The IAB has been established by the I.FAST governing board within the first six months of the project and is also expected to bring the vision of the companies in the implementation of some of the I.FAST initiatives in which companies play an important role, such as the Innovation fund, the industrial training program, the exploitation of the European technological infrastructures.

Members of the Industrial Advisory Board

Name Role Company Country
Angeles Faus-Golfe Chair CNRS/IN2P3 Spain
Miguel Angel Carrera Member AVS - Added Value Solutions Spain
Francesco Fantini Member Fantini Sud S.p.A. Italy
Pavel Hedbavny Member Vakuum Praha Czechia
Rok Hrovatin Member Cosylab Slovenia
Olivier Tasset-Maye Member Sigmaphi France
Charles Mangeot Member CTS Corporation Denmark
Ziad Melhem Member Oxford Quantum Solutions Ltd United Kingdom
Michael Pekeler Member Research-Instruments Germany
François Sylla Member SourceLAB - Laser Plasma Technologies France
Josef Troxler Member Ampegon & OCEM Power Electronics AG Switzerland