WP2: Training, communication and outreach for accelerator science and technology


  • Provide communication, dissemination and outreach tools required to address the project’s goals
  • Engage the network of communication officers from the major institutes of the European accelerator community
  • Set up a Challenge-Based Innovation (CBI) scheme focused on the societal applications of particle accelerators
  • Set up a scheme for industrial engineers and technicians to receive training in advanced accelerator technologies
  • Facilitate knowledge transfer between the laboratories and industrial companies


Task Name Task Leader
2.1 Management Ph. Burrows (UOXF)
2.2 Communications and outreach A. Le Gall (CERN)
2.3 Challenge-Based Innovation (CBI) with particle accelerators N. Delerue (CNRS)
2.4 Industrial Training associated with Knowledge Transfer T. Ekelof (UU)