WP10: Advanced accelerator technologies


  • Define strategic directions for the use of Additive Manufacturing (AM) technologies on accelerator applications
  • Identification of AM strategies that can be adopted to repair parts
  • Develop the design approach and test relevant properties of AM-manufactured RF cavities
  • Build facilities for photon stimulated desorption (PSD) yield measurement on beamlines
  • Develop Machine Learning (ML) predictive algorithms to diagnose and protect high power accelerators
  • Develop novel electric-field sensors to address new challenges in fast time response beam instrumentation


Task Name Task Leader
10.1 Coordination and communication T. Torims (RTU)
10.2 Additive Manufacturing – Survey of applications and potential developments M. Vedani (Polimi)
10.3 Refurbishment of accelerator components by AM technologies A. Ratkus (RTU)
10.4 Development of AM-manufactured superconductive RF cavities A. Pepato (INFN)
10.5 Photon Stimulated Desorption (PSD) from NEG coatings for accelerator vacuum chambers O. Malyshev (UKRI)
10.6 Machine learning techniques for accelerator and target instrumentation T. Shea (ESS)
10.7 Development of electro-optical waveguide sensors as beam electric field sensors S. Gibson (RHUL)