Work Packages

WP Title Coordinator
1 Management, coordination and dissemination M. Vretenar (CERN)
2 Training, communication and outreach for accelerator science and technology Ph. Burrows (UOXF)
3 Industry engagement M. Morandin (INFN)
4 Managing innovation, new materials M. Losasso (CERN)
5 Strategies and milestones for accelerator research and technology F. Zimmermann (CERN), N. Pastrone (INFN), P. Forck (GSI)
6 Novel particle accelerators concepts and technologies R. Assmann (DESY)
7 High brightness accelerators for light sources R. Bartolini (DESY)
8 Innovative superconducting magnets L. Rossi (INFN), L. Quettier (CEA), C. Roux (GSI)
9 Innovative superconducting thin film coated cavities C. Antoine (CEA), O. Malyshev (UKRI)
10 Advanced accelerator technologies T. Torims (RTU)
11 Sustainable concepts and technologies M. Seidel (PSI)
12 Societal applications R. Edgecock (HUD)
13 Technology infrastructure S. Leray (CEA)
14 Ethics requirements P. Foka (GSI)