WP11: Sustainable concepts and technologies


  • Provide guidelines for new accelerator projects for implementing sustainable concepts and technologies.
  • Identify and introduce sustainable technologies available in industry, and vice-versa
  • Build and test an industrial prototype of the High Efficiency Klystron.
  • Manufacture and test prototypes of two PM-based magnets.


Task Name Task Leader / Deputy
11.1 Sustainable Concepts for Accelerator driven Research Infrastructures M. Seidel (PSI)
  11.1.1: System Efficiency of Accelerator Concepts N. Catalan (CERN)
  11.1.2: Key Technologies and Components for High Efficiency A. Sunesson (ESS)
  11.1.3: Cross Linking Accelerator R&D with Industrial Approaches P. Spiller, J. Stadlmann (GSI)
  11.1.4: Ecological Concepts D. Völker (DESY)
11.2 High Efficiency Klystron Industrial Prototype N. Catalan Lasheras (CERN), O. Brunner (CERN)
11.3 Permanent Magnet Quadrupoles & Combined Function Magnets for Ultra Low-Emittance Rings B. Shepherd (UKRI)