Year 1

No. Milestone Task Planned Delivery Delivery Report
MS1 Information Flow management tool installed 1.2 M3 01/10/2021 Report
MS2 Dissemination plan ready 1.3 M3 01/11/2021 Report
MS4 WP2 task leaders’ kick-off meeting 2.1 M2 30/06/2021 Report
MS6 Definition of CBI scheme: proposed topic and organisation at ESI 2.3 M12
MS7 Expert Committee set up and industrial training scheme call organised 2.4 M6 02/12/2021 Report
MS8 Industry Advisory Board launch   3.1 M6 31/10/2021 Report
MS9 I.FAST KT Report ready 3.2 M10
MS14 Evaluation of a CCM alternative to Molybdenum-Graphite 4.4 M16
MS23 Target manufacturing and characterization 6.3 M12
MS32 Characterization of the first length of superconductor for low losses 8.2 M6
MS33 Conceptual design of HTS magnet 8.3 M10
MS38 First seamless copper 1.3 GHz cavity produced as substrate for the coating of the SC film 9.2 M12
MS39 Coating facility built and tested at STFC, USI and INFN 9.3 M12
MS42 ARIES samples prepared for renewed SC film deposition 9.6 M6
MS43 Dissemination and communication plan 10.1 M12
MS46 Performance of Superconductive Cavities made by AM technology by Nb or Cu with Nb thin spattered film on the internal surface 10.4 M12
MS47 First NEG coated samples are installed on SR beamline at DLS and Soleil 10.5 M12
MS49 Delivery of an electro-optic waveguide prototype for demonstration at RHUL test bench 10.7 M12
MS50 Workshop on energy for sustainable science at research infrastructures, at ESRF 11.1 M6
MS55 Design review 11.2 M12
MS57 Projects identification for development funding 12.1 M10
MS63 Demonstration of operation with high efficiency and nominal power of the first GaN amplifier 13.3 M12

Year 2

No. Milestone Task Planned delivery Delivery Report
MS5 ACO workshop 2.2 M18  
MS10 Collection of feedback from industrial partners and RIs participating in IFAST 3.3 M20  
MS13 First characterisation of beam windows materials under thermomechanical load and extended radiation damage 4.3 M16  
MS15 International workshop on muon source design 5.1 M18  
MS17 Beam requirements for dark-sector searches 5.2 M18  
MS18 Present and future AI accelerator applications 5.2 M24  
MS20 Engineering design of improved power supply current measurement and RF-amplifier layout 5.3 M24  
MS21 Report on the novel accelerator landscape in Europe, facilities, projects and capabilities at the beginning of the 2020’s 6.1 M24  
MS24 Hypothesis on the causes of the instabilities of the focal spot profile 6.4 M24  
MS26 Magnet specifications based on optics calculations for ELETTRA. Magnetic and mechanical design including fabrication drawings 7.3 M24  
MS28 Electromagnetic and mechanical design of the two guns 7.4 M24  
MS30 Construction and RF tests of CompactLight accelerating structure prototype 7.5 M21  
MS31 Construction readiness of curved CCT demonstrator 8.1 M20  
MS36 HTS Nuclotron cable produced 8.6 M24  
MS40 Construction and operation of the cavity dedicated ALD system 9.4 M24  
MS45 Survey on current AM repair technologies for accelerator and list of possible applications 10.3 M24  
MS48 ML model selection and implementation plan 10.6 M18  
MS51 Workshop on efficient RF sources 11.1 M13  
MS52 Workshop on efficient magnet- and RF power supplies 11.1 M22  
MS53 Workshop on sustainable materials and lifecycle
management for accelerators
11.1 M18  
MS59 Approval of basic engineering 12.2 M24  
MS60 First Plasma achieved on the prototype. 12.3 M19  
MS61 Organization of the workshop 13.1 M21  
MS62 Central information and contact point operational  13.2 M15  

Year 3

No. Milestone Task Planned Delivery Delivery Report
MS11 IIF Projects interim progress 4.2 M36
MS16 International workshop to define R&D plans 5.1 M36
MS22 LASPLA Workshop/School 6.2 M30
MS34 Construction of the curved formers for CCT winding 8.4 M32
MS37 International thin film workshop organization 9.1 M28
MS41 A facility for laser operation for complex 3D treatment is tested on 1.3 GHz cavity 9.5 M36
MS44 Survey on current AM applications in accelerators and expected new developments 10.2 M30
MS56 Magnets constructed and tested 11.3 M25

Year 4

No. Milestone Task Planned Delivery Delivery Report
MS3 Recommendations of RI-INNOV Coordination Group 1.1 M46
MS12 IIF Projects final progress 4.2 M46
MS19 Ultimate hadron-beam brightness 5.2 M48
MS25 General workshop on Task7.2 activity summary 7.2 M42
MS27 Prototype acceptance tests 7.3 M46
MS29 High-power test stand setup and final results of the high-power tests 7.4 M46
MS34 Construction of the curved formers for CCT winding 8.4 M32
MS35 Test of mock up coils with dummy cable 8.5 M38
MS54 Workshop on industrial approaches for sustainable accelerators 11.1 M42
MS58 Completion of strategy documents for each application area 12.1 M40