Acknowledgement text

All I.FAST publications must include the following acknowledgement text:

EU logo This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 Research and Innovation programme under Grant Agreement No 101004730.

Please do not forget to include the EC acknowledgement in all your documents (journal articles, conference papers, presentations, internal notes, etc.) related to I.FAST.

Please upload a copy of your final publication on Zenodo.

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Open Access

More information about Open Access publications can be found on the H2020 Online manual and in the following documents:

I.FAST Monographs


Projects members have the possibility to submit documents to be published in the I.FAST monograph series. The series includes, from assumption, all forms of the achievements of I.FAST, written preferably in a form of books and booklets, manuals, monographs and ‘polished’ technical reports. The books also embrace narrow topic research treatises, research and technical manuals, didactic booklets on new subjects, Ph.D. theses and D.Sc. theses.

The series may also include related work to the current developments of accelerator science and technology, not being direct result of I.FAST but relevant to broadly understood I.FAST research subject area.

Publisher details

The series Editor and Co-Editor are Yiota Foka ( from GSI and Maurizio Vretenar ( from CERN – Coordinator of I.FAST. 

Information for Authors
  • Documents meant to become I.FAST monographs should be sent to Yiota.Foka@cern.chto be reviewed and approved as “I.FAST monographs”.
  • After approval, the PDF file of the monograph will be integrated with the I.FAST monograph front page, and will be submitted to Zenodo, in the I.FAST “Reports” space, and published on the I.FAST website.
  • The original formatting of the document is the responsibility of the authors and the original format of the documents will be preserved. Only cover page, front page, and table of contents will be edited.