Role of industry in the project

To achieve the I.FAST project's ambitious goals, the involvement of industry as a co-innovation partner is crucial. Indeed, building on the experience of four previous EC Integrating Actions, I.FAST has engaged industry from the initial definition of the R&D program, and now 18 companies are participating either as beneficiaries or associated partners in 9 Work Packages.

It is expected that such strong involvement will bring additional technological knowledge and specific expertise in domains like cost optimisation, production-oriented design methodologies, early focus on the development of marketable products. Furthermore, the industrial contributions will be also seminal for the co-innovation activities and the production of prototypes.

Last but not least, I.FAST will also set the foundations for open debate and exchange between researchers and industry by organising events on I.FAST technologies with potential industrial applications and by fostering the interaction between academia and industry, creating new personal links and connections.


Within I.FAST, the Work Package 3 is dedicated to boost the engagement of industry in R&D and technical development activities. The three WP tasks aim at:

  • supporting the industrial participation in the project (WP3.1)
  • stimulating the involvement of industry in Knowledge Transfer opportunities (WP3.2)
  • extending the participation of industry in R&D activities (WP3.3)
I.FAST encourages external firms to get involved in the project.
I.FAST beneficiaries have the possibility of involving external companies to collaborate along them in the R&D activities.
This exchange program allows early career engineers and technicians coming from industry to spend some months inside research Institutions.