WP8: Innovative superconducting magnets


  • Form a permanent European Strategy Group to discuss the European strategy for HTS magnets for accelerators
  • Conceptual magnetic design for a CCT scaled demonstrator with new integrated curved coil geometry
  • Magnet demonstrator construction design and construction of coil former and assembly parts
  • Choice of ReBCO tape material to be used in a Nuclotron cable for fast-cycling magnets
  • Manufacture a cable prototype and evaluation of its performance


Task Name Task Leader / Deputy
8.1 Coordination and High-Temperature Superconductor (HTS) Strategy Group E. De Matteis (INFN), A. Ballarino (CERN)
8.2 Preliminary Engineering design of curved Canted Cosine Theta (CCT) magnet E. De Matteis (INFN), D. Barna (Wigner)
8.3 Preliminary Engineering design of HTS CCT S. Sorti (INFN-LASA), A. Ballarino (CERN)
8.4 Construction of curved CCT magnet demonstrator J. Munilla Lopez (CIEMAT), D. Barna (Wigner)
8.5 Construction of the HTS CCT magnet demonstrator A. Echeandia (Elytt), S.Sorti (INFN-LASA)
8.6 Development of ReBCO HTS Nuclotron cable T. Winkler (GSI), C. Roux (GSI)