WP5: Strategies and milestones for accelerator research and technology



  • Support the effort to design a muon collider and to project and plan the required R&D
  • Significantly improve the performance of lepton and hadron accelerators
  • Define a roadmap for long-term accelerator R&D
  • Mitigate intensity fluctuations of slowly extracted beam from synchrotrons
  • Produce a prototype of improved hardware for power supply control to achieve a current stability of ∆I /I < 10-6
  • Design and produce a high-performance RF-amplifier with versatile control for knock-out extraction


Task Name Task Leader / Deputy
5.1 MUon colliders STrategy network (MUST) N. Pastrone (INFN)
5.2 Pushing Accelerator Frontiers (PAF) F. Zimmermann (CERN), G. Franchetti (GSI)
5.3 Improvement of Resonant slow EXtraction spill quality (REX) P. Forck (GSI)