18 Jun/24
08:00 - 17:35

I.FAST project officer (EU - REA) visit to CERN



<p>Visit of Dr. Sotirios KAKARANTZAS to CERN - dedicated day to I.FAST related activities.</p>
<p>Dr. KAKARANTZAS is Project adviser at European Research Executive Agency (REA)</p>
<p>EU officer envisaged the following items to be included within the scope of his visit:</p>
<p>-       agenda should include allocated time for discussion and meeting with I.FAST managment and potentially members of the management team;</p>
<p>-       on the project – some slides/ a small presentation on the progress;</p>
<p>-       allocated time for visiting the associated research/experimental infrastructures associated again with I.FAST project;</p>
<p>-       a small demonstration of a simple experimental case would be also much appreciated.</p>