22 Jun/23
Ends: 23 Jun/23 14:05

AMICI-I.FAST WP13 Workshop on Platforms for characterisation, treatments and test of materials


IJCLab Orsay

During the last years, the AMICI collaboration, established during the AMICI H2020 project ( supported the use of the existing accelerator and magnet Technology Infrastructure to the benefit of large accelerator facilities in Europe and worldwide. The extremely valuable platforms existing in many laboratories are used in networking R&D activities but also in the frame of service agreements established either between laboratories, projects or with industry.

The AMICI discussions and part of the activities are continued in the framework of the WP13 I.FAST European Project, a Horizon 2020 Research and Innovation Program funded by the European Union.

The aim of this workshop on Platforms for characterisation, treatments and test of materials is to gather personnel from the labs operating Technological Platforms (TPs) of this type - i.e. thermal treatments ; chemical treatments ; facilities for surface analyses ; electromagnetic, mechanical, thermal and associated material characterisation ; test stations for mechanical manufacturing and tests at cryogenic temperatures - and possible users in particular from industry, in order to discuss the present exploitation of TPs in operation in the European Institutes.

The platforms that will be presented during these days have been created with the aim of testing samples, materials and small components that are then used in the composition of accelerators or magnets. The opening of our platforms to external users is also a way to extend the testing use of our TPs to other fields such as space, aeronautics, climate...

This workshop will also give the opportunity to present Industry needs for their innovative projects and to discuss how these TPs could be better exploited.

This workshop on Platforms for characterisation, treatments and test of materials is the third of a series of 4. Two workshops have already taken place in 2022:

A last workshop on Facilities for beam tests of accelerator components, organized by IFJ-PAN in Krakow, Poland is foreseen.