23 Sep/24
Ends: 25 Sep/24 14:00

2nd Workshop on efficient RF sources

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Parador de Toledo

<p>Following the successful Workshop on Efficient RF sources organized inside the framework of IFAST, we would like to announce a second workshop to be held in Toledo, Spain on 23-25 September 2024. The workshop is part of the I.FAST initiative for <strong>"</strong><strong>Sustainable concepts and technologies"</strong></p>
<p>The workshop is aimed at displaying the recent advances on energy efficient technology for RF sources mainly used in accelerators. As in previous events, we expect a number of experts from public and private sector to participate in the meeting and the discussions around the efficiency of klystrons, IOTS, Solid state amplifiers and RF systems in general.  </p>
<p>Organizing Committee Chairs: Nuria Catalan Lasheras (CERN), Mike Seidel (PSI)</p>
<p>Scientific Committee Chair: Igor Syratchev (CERN)</p>
<p><a href="">Pr… of Personal Data at CERN: OC11</a></p>
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