Year 1

No. Deliverable WP Task Planned Delivery Delivery Status Reports
D1.1 RI Co-Innovation platform MoU  1 1.4 M6
D1.2 Internal communication Plan 1 1.3 M6
D2.1 Communication strategy 2 2.2 M6
D8.1 HTS European Strategy Group 8 8.1 M6
D8.2 Conceptual Design of curved CCT in LTS 8 8.2 M10
D10.3 Additive-manufactured SRF cavities 10 10.3 M12

Year 2

No. Deliverable WP Task Planned Delivery Delivery Status Reports
D2.2 Challenge-Based Innovation scheme 2 2.3 M24
D2.3 Industrial training scheme 2 2.4 M24
D4.1 Evaluation criteria for IIF projects, and Evaluation Body 4 4.1 M20
D4.2 IIF Projects awarding 4 4.2 M24
D4.4 Production of large-size CCM plates 4 4.4 M24
D6.3 Electron acceleration experiments with new targets 6 6.3 M24
D7.5 Construction of the XLS accelerating structure pre-prototype 7 7.5 M24
D8.3 First Engineering design of HTS demonstrator 8 8.3 M18
D10.2 Survey of AM applications and strategies for repairing component by AM 10 10.2 M24
D10.6 Electro-optic performance report 10 10.6 M24
D12.2 Basic engineering of e-beam sludge processing line 12 12.2 M24
D12.3 Prototype of Internal RF Ion Source for Cyclotrons 12 12.3 M24
D13.1 Strategy for the development of the AMICI 13 13.1 M24
D13.2 Report on the development and promotion of services to industry 13 13.2 M24
D13.3 GaN RF amplifier module at kW level 13 13.3 M24

Year 3

No. Deliverable WP Task Planned Delivery Delivery Status Reports
D3.2 Business development case report 3 3.2 M36
D3.3 Report on extended industrial contributions in R&D activities 3 3.3 M36
D4.3 Beam-windows prototypes 4 4.3 M32
D6.4 Improvement of the laser intensity stability on target 6 6.4 M36
D7.6 Construction of the XLS accelerating structure full prototype 7 7.5 M36
D8.6 Fast-cycling Nuclotron HTS cable design 8 8.6 M32
D9.1 Thin-Film SRF roadmap report 9 9.1 M35
D10.1 Potential AM applications in accelerators 10 10.1 M30
D10.4 First PSD data from NEG coating 10 10.4 M36
D10.5 Technical Report on machine learning at ESS 10 10.5 M34
D11.2 Klystron prototype completed and validated 11 11.2 M36
D11.3 Prototype adjustable PM quadrupole and combined function magnets 11 11.3 M28
D12.1 Strategy for Implementing Novel Societal Applications of Accelerators 12 12.1 M28

Year 4

No. Deliverable WP Task Planned Delivery Delivery Status Reports
D5.1 International collaboration plans towards a multi-TeV muon collider 5 5.1 M46
D5.2 Roadmap for future accelerators 5 5.2 M42
D5.3 Ripple mitigation for slow extraction beam quality improvement 5 5.3 M46
D6.1 EAAC workshops and strategies 6 6.1 M42
D6.2 LASPLA Strategy 6 6.2 M46
D7.1 Final report on the development of high brightness electron beams for light sources 7 7.1 M48
D7.2 Report on enabling technology for ultralow emittance ring 7 7.2 M45
D7.3 Longitudinally variable bend prototype fabrication 7 7.3 M40
D7.4 Mechanical realization and low power RF test of the two RF guns 7 7.4 M38
D8.4 Construction of curved CCT demonstrator 8 8.4 M38
D8.5 Construction of HTS CCT demonstrator 8 8.5 M42
D9.2 RF test on coated resonant cavity 9 9.2 M46
D9.4 Deposition of SC multilayers on cavities 9 9.4 M46
D9.5 1.3 GHz Nb-coated cavity irradiated by laser in argon atmosphere and RF tested 9 9.5 M45
D9.6 Test of thin-film samples 9 9.6 M46
D11.1 Sustainable Accelerators report 11 11.1 M45