WP9: Innovative superconducting thin film coated cavities


  • Definition of common strategies and roadmaps for thin-film coated cavities
  • Optimize and industrialize the manufacturing of seamless elliptical copper cavities
  • Determine and develop target material to conform with the 3D geometry cavity deposition
  • Construction and operation of a High Temperature ALD system dedicated to Cavities
  • Define laser parameters for complex shape 3D irradiation to increase superconducting properties of RF cavities
  • Perform SRF tests on samples and identify the best technique


Task Names Task Leader
9.1 Coordination and Strategy for Innovative Superconducting Accelerating Cavities C. Antoine (CEA), O. Malyshev (UKRI)
9.2 Innovative Superconducting (SC) Accelerating Cavity Prototype C. Pira (INFN)
9.3 Optimisation of process parameters and target development for SRF cavity coating with A15 material R. Valizadeh (UKRI)
9.4 Surface engineering by Atomic Layer Deposition (ALD) T. Proslier (CEA)
9.5 Improvement of mechanical and superconducting properties of RF resonator by laser radiation A. Medvids (RTU)
9.6 Optimization of flat SRF thin films production procedure O. Kugeler (HZB)