I.FAST launches new fund to support innovation in accelerator technologies

The fund aims to stimulate innovation in accelerator technologies by supporting projects with a contribution of up to 200 kEUR



The supported projects must include at least one I.FAST beneficiary and one industrial partner in their consortia.

Since 2021, the EU-funded I.FAST project has been developing innovative technologies common to multiple accelerator platforms and defining strategic roadmaps for future development. Under CERN coordination, the community of 49 beneficiaries contributes to preparing for the next step of particle physics research, improving the sustainability of accelerator-based science and meeting the specific needs of societal applications.

The project’s Internal Innovation Fund (IIF) was created to stimulate the innovation in accelerator technologies. The primary objective of the fund is to encourage I.FAST beneficiaries to identify innovative solutions with viable industrial or commercial potential. This fast-track, competitive process will finance emerging technologies, processes, research, business models and other innovative solutions, at both development and prototype stages.

Technologies supported by the IIF shall be capable of advancing the state of the art in fields related to the I.FAST thematic areas. They shall also contribute to improving the sustainability of particle accelerator technologies, by reducing accelerators’ electricity consumption or footprint, by improving their performance for an equivalent impact, or by serving direct environmental purposes.

The thematic areas of interest include:

  • Novel particle accelerator concepts and technologies
  • High luminosity accelerators for light sources
  • Innovative superconducting magnets
  • Innovative superconducting thin film coated cavities
  • Advanced accelerator technologies and materials
  • Sustainable concepts and technologies
  • Societal applications
  • Technology Infrastructure

Individual projects will receive from 100 to 200 kEUR in funding until the exhaustion of the available fund (1.000.000 euro). The supported projects must include at least one I.FAST beneficiary and one industrial partner in their consortia.

To submit your proposal, complete the web submission form on the I.FAST website by September 15, 2022.

Find out more about the application process by visiting the I.FAST website or by contacting Marcello Losasso, the fund manager.