Learn about accelerators in the Baltics (deadline: 20 June, 2023)

Students have up to June 20 to apply to the Baltic School of High-Energy Physics and Accelerator Technologies.


The school is organized by the CERN Baltic Group, a collaboration of thirteen higher education and research institutions in the Baltic states, and is endorsed by CERN.

The 3rd CERN Baltic Group School will take place on 7 - 11th of August 2023 in Lithuanian summer resort by the Baltic Sea coast – Palanga town.

This event is organised annually by the CERN Baltic Group (CBG) (13 main scientific institutions in the Baltic region) and is dedicated to the education of the end-master/doctoral level students of Baltic States and international audience. 

The agreed format of CBG School is:

  • high level lectures on particle physics and accelerator technologies, applications, etc. given by lecturers from CERN, USA, Germany, Switzerland, Latvia, United Kingdom;
  • informal discussions between students and lecturers/professors;
  • and of course, an attractive social and cultural programme.

Topics and areas covered by the CBG School this year are: 

  • Quantum field theory
  • Quantum chromodynamics and electrodynamics
  • Standard model physics and beyond
  • Collider physics and precision physics at the LHC
  • Accelerator technologies and applications
  • Application of accelerators in medicine / Interface between machine and patient

The deadline for registration is June 20, 2023.

CBG School registration and further information can be found here: https://indico.cern.ch/event/1249205/