I.FAST Innovation Fund

The I.FAST Innovation Fund (IIF) has been conceived with the aim of financing cutting-edge innovation-oriented projects that are suitable for further R&D activities. The fund will finance additional innovative projects (both developments and prototypes) submitted by beneficiaries of I.FAST and that are inherent to the nine thematic areas of the project.

The fund will be able to support between 5 and 10 projects, each receiving a contribution between 100 and 200 kEUR each.

The fund will become operative around May 2023, two years from the start of the project in May 2021.

The management of the Fund and the internal call for proposal will be managed by WP4.

The selection and evaluation criteria of projects will be established by CERN, CNRS and INFN and will correspond to the priorities of the accelerator community at the time of the call. An evaluation committee, which will include industrial partners, will select the projects to be funded.

More detailed information concerning the Innovation Fund will be circulated through thematic workshops and ad-hoc activities and events with industries organised by CERN and HUD within the first 2 years from the start of the project.